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why CZIC GROUP can product so good concrete pump pipe
- Mar 13, 2017 -

    Why our concrete pump pipe quality so good ?

    1. Choose material ,we just only use best quality material from biggest steel company in chian .

    2.Every concrete pump boom pipe ,we need make test pressure,once someone pipe not good ,we will pick it out .

    3. We have exported concrete pump pipe for 15 years ,we very know marker from different countries,so we can help our clients open marker in his country in the time.

    Concrete Pump Harden Pipe ,the life up to 30,000m3,and harden up to 65HRC,every month export about 1000pieces.

    Concrete Pump Two Wall Pipe,the life up to 60,000m3,and harden up to 68HRC,thickness 4.5mm(2mm+2.5mm) and 5mm(2mm+3mm).

harden pipe1_gezshou.jpg


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